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What's Your Price Per Veneer?

If you've been shopping around calling different dental practices asking the common question you may be surprised at the ranges in pricing that you hear. You think one dentist may be ripping you off and another giving you a great price.  Well a veneer is not just a veneer and that's why its you can't base the value of a porcelain veneer solely on price.  There are many factors which will will discuss that can affect the price of a veneer.  Below are some common treatments  a cosmetic dentist may present to you to deliver a great smile.  Remember these are just price ranges. 

Price for 1 veneer:  $750-$2100   The price for 6 upper veneers $4500 - $12,600

Costs for 8 Upper porcelain veneers:  $6000 - $16800   Pricing for ten upper veneers  $7500- $21,000

8 upper 8 lower: $12,000 - $33600    A Full Set up porcelain veneers -  Priceless

Why a veneer is not just a veneer?

There are many factors that influence price such as: the materials or type of porcelain used ( empress3, feldspathic, cerinate lumineers, procera)  etc etc.,  whether or not roots will be effected, how much tooth structure is available, where the dentist was trained, are they a general dentist that does a few veneers here and there or is it there full time business changing smiles with veneers, how many cosmetic dentistry continuing education courses are they taking, where they are located, city, part of town, state,  what types of bonding materials are used, who the dental lab technician is ( jr tech or senior expert), do they offer a warranty for the dental work etc etc etc.

Do your research and find out the answers to some of these questions before you make a determination on whether or not the price for veneers was a fair one or not.  One good way is to view the doctors cases, if they are experienced they should have many full mouth cases to show you, if not, they may have good technical skills from recent traning but may be lacking the experience.

Whatever the case may be visit with at least 3 cosmetic dentists that perform at least 1-2 veneer cases per week and get the answers you are searching for.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016