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Is it really laser teeth whitening you are seeking or is it whiter teeth in one hour?  What's the difference you ask?  Well over the last 4 years or so we have seen a boom in the teeth whitening market.  It is become a boomin industry due to many factors.  Many people commonly refer to well known branded teeth whitening systems like Zoom or Britesmile as laser teeth whitening. 

This is wrong, both systems actually fall into a category called light activated tooth whitening as there is no actual laser that whitens the teeth. Both systems are great and they work, so why pick one system over another?  Britesmile was the biggest player in the market when they first hit the market, they spent millions of marketing dollars to build their brand through many sources of media.  Many dentists jumped on board and were certified to offer this incredible whitening system. Soon after a company called Discus Dental started to become well known with their competitive system called Zoom.  This new brand of whitening became very popular due to its exposure on the hit show Extreme Makeover. 

The TV exposure Zoom received on the TV created a major demand for the system and prospective teeth whitening patients began to ask dentists if they offered it.  Many practices began to offer Zoom and there was two main players in the 1 hour professional teeth whitening market. 

What works better?  Britesmile or Zoom?

The answer is they both work great and whiten your teeth fast.  There was some indication that the original Zoom system created a bit more sensitivity but that varied between individual patients.  Laser teeth whitening in the proper sense does create some sensitivity.  So if Britesmile or Zoom both work well how to you determine who to go with for your whitening session.  The individual dentists set the price they charge for the teeth whitening session.   The variables that can affect the price are whether or not they include take home whitening kits for touch ups, whether they require a paid first visit to assess your teeth and how many uses of carbamide peroxide gel are included with the take home kits. 

It is a relatively simple procedure to complete and its usually the practices hygienist that operates the system.  Both companies certify their doctors and staff to ensure safe and proper use.  If you are seeking laser teeth whitening, light activated tooth whitening should suffice and get you the results you desire although not in all cases.  The best way to find out if this whitening will work for you is to book and appointment with a dental practice near you.

LaserTeethWhitening - Choose light activated tooth whitening over lazer!

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Zoom from Discus Dental has now come out with the NEW Zoom Advanced Whitening,  make sure you ask your dentist about this new and improved tooth whitening system. Whiter teeth is the number one reason why patients have cosmetic dentistry performed,  professional whitening systems allow the dentist or his or her hygienist to whiten your natural teeth however the most permanent way to whiten a smile is through porcelain veneers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016