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Dental Video Advertising for Cosmetic Dentists

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The video marketing wave is here and we are on the cutting edge once again leading the way with dental video websites and dental video search engine optimization in Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo and AOL Video

Dental Video Search Engine Optimization

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The Secret to Getting NEW Fee for Service Patients

There has been an increased amount of competition between cosmetic dentists and if you have been in the profession for some time you may have seen your growth slow down or flatten in the last few years.  With increased competition the need for successful marketing becomes much more important to generate new high quality patients.  Whether its marketing in a local high end magazine, placing radio ads or  TV marketing, one thing is for certain you need to have a system in place to convert leads into happy fee for service patients.

First off, as a cosmetic dentist you need to have a great product, you need to be able to deliver a great set of veneers that will last for years.!

Technical skills alone are not enough to make any form of marketing successful, you need to be able to handle patient inquiries similar to that of a 5 star hotel.  Patients looking to get porcelain veneers or some other form of cosmetic dentistry are buying a big ticket item, therefore do not be offended when a patient asks you your price for veneers.  This is not a negative question, most patients don't know the difference between a good veneer or a bad one.  Educate them and explain the difference and you will find price is taken out of the equation.  Most patients are not necessarily looking for the lowest price they are looking for good value.

Our dental advertising for cosmetic dentists online is not just about throwing up links to your dental website. That isn't going to make a noticeable difference to your bottom line. The best way to learn about our internet dental marketing system is to contact us by phone at 1-866-782-1753 

Saturday, May 28, 2016